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Furnished Rooms  



Every room, apartment and house has been visited and classified. Those who don’t meet our standards are not accepted. All our accommodation is well equipped and tastefully furnished.
The standard is higher, that the rooms should be clean and tidy the sheets and towels should be changed at the time of arrival and weekly thereafter.
The minimum standard of furnishing should be composed by a central lamp and a side bed lamp, a table and a chair (two for two bedded rooms and so on), a cupboard, the size in width for a double bed should be cm 180 , single beds should measure minimum cm 82.


Available Rooms

Weekly price: single from € 200,00 to € 300,00
Double from € 300,00 to € 400,00
Monthly price: single from € 500,00 to € 600,00
Double from € 600,00 to € 800,00
Room rent are always all utilities included.

Some address:
Via Tagliamento – Pinciano area (between Parioli and main University)
Via Caprareccia – Monti area (Close S.Maria Maggiore)
Via Paolina – Monti area
Via Merulana – Colle Oppio area
Viale Giulio Cesare – Vatican area
Vicolo del Campanile – Vatican area
Via Acaia – S.Giovanni area
Via Foligno – S.Giovanni area
Via Eleonora D’Arborea – Piazza Bologna area
Via Renieri – EUR area
Via Pergamo – S.Paolo area
Via Nomentana – Monte Sacro area
And many others….


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